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About company

Who we are

Al-Sanidi has been established since 1965, from the central of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in (Jardah Buraydah), Al-Sanidi Company was a small shop that met the simple needs of trips lovers and local camel owners, until the company expanded with the largest showrooms in the Middle East for travel and travel supplies, in multiple cities from The Kingdom, with tens of thousands of special products, exclusive agencies, and a huge network of sales partners in the Kingdom and the world.

Today, our company is proud of its trademark, with its great team and its local and worldwide suppliers.

Technology and its solutions were one of the company's most important tools for development and acceleration of growth; In 2021, the company's online store was one of the most important outlets, through our website we were closer to our customers; With content that evolves every moment, self-service, and effective communication.


Our Vision

We are steadily striving to be one of the largest companies in the whole world specialized in its field.


Our Mission

By providing products that facilitate life on land, sea and travelling, with high quality products and services that are easy to get at anytime and anywhere.



We aim to magnify our local content and re-export this legacy to the world, align with our geographic nature and real values, and to be the pioneers in this field, and to take the lead in setting its standards and rules.





-Quality improvement and continuous improvement.


-The desire to lead


Social Responsibility

We continuously ensure that our products, services, and channels of influence have a clear impact on preserving the environment through programs, activities, and partnerships with several sectors (governmental, private).


Products and Services

Our products have a long journey of research and development and in partnership with customers, in the recent years we have created fonts designs that come from our local environment, such as the Al-Qatt Al-Asiri engraving, which was recently inscribed on UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

This prompted us to take the initiative to create hundreds of products in which we enhance the identity of southern Saudi Arabia. Then another design line followed, the Najdi inscription, in which we highlighted the identity of some of the art found in architecture in the center of the Kingdom with hundreds of other products, and we are still on this path.

In addition to the products, our poetry tents and umbrella factory has continuous successes by winning several government tenders, and by implementing several private projects; Considering that quality is our brand.


Al-Sanidi Company’s partnership with DPT

DPT is one of the most important global companies working on developing its travelling products, hunting equipment, journey, and adventure world. our company's partnership with DPT is considered one of the most important pillars of development and diversification of products and the creation of alternatives.

TIEERA Trademark

Terra is distinguished by its innovative products in light single-use stovetop gas canisters, portable gas stoves with modern designs that adapt to the nature of the traveler and adventure.

Our company is pleased to be the exclusive marketer in the Middle East for the products of this distinctive brand.

The exclusive agency in Saudi Arabia for PKL

PKL is one of the most important and highest quality brands in the development and manufacture of refillable gas cylinders. Our company owns the trademark of PKL after obtaining the Saudi Quality Mark (SASO).

Marketing of DOMETIC products in Saudi Arabia

DOMETIC is distinguished by its high-quality and high-tech products, which include portable refrigerators using low energy, ice and water holders. Al- Sanidi continuance to create integration and meet the needs of backpackers and adventurers, it signed a partnership to market the products of this prestigious company.


Project Management

This department is specialized in executing the projects of Canopies, Tents, Hair Tents, and Truck Trunk Cab Hardtop.

Al-Sanidi is considered to be the pioneer in this field, and also the largest supplier.

Our company has developed this field in line with needs and project sites areas; we use the prime raw materials at the hands of the most skilled technicians.



The company has obtained several international and local certificates, which confirm the quality of its products, and the efficiency of its system performance.

Where obtaining quality certificates is one of the steps to reach a high level of quality, on several stages and on several levels, starting from manufacturing through to transportation and storage, as well as in management.