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DPT, Portable camping shower, Gray, capacity 12 L

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  • DPT
  • Model DPTR-0175
  • SKU 6932230607763
  • SIZE capacity 12 L
  • COLOR Gray
  • Material PVC
  • Accessories Hose+Case
  • WARRANTY 2 years
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Wed 05-06-2024

Item No.:DPTR-0175

Product Material :0.52MM/500D PVC mesh
Product Size:L43xW20CM
Product Weight:1.26KG
Product Origin:China

Ho to use
1. Connect the hose for the Air Pump and Spray Hose to the underside of the tank.
2. Fill with up maximum 12 Liters or 3.1 gallons of water.
3. Leave in the sun for about 2 hours. The temperature indicator lets you know when the water is warm enough.
4. Open the cap of the foot pump, then the air can enter into the water tank through the pump
5. Now begin to gently pump to pressurize the water tank with your foot until the foot pump resists
6. Connect the Spray Hose to the bottom out let of the tank, then pull the trigger of shower nozzle, you can start taking a shower or having other outdoor washing tasks

 Before use, rinse with a mixture of warm water and one teaspoon of baking soda.
 Check that the shower head is closed and fill with clean water through the fill cap at the top of the bag.
 Alternatively fill the shower with pre heated water, ensuring that the temperature does not exceed +50 degrees Celsius.

Shower Instructions
1. Ensure the fill cap is firmly in place.
2. Place the shower on a level and solid surface free from debris.
3. Lay the shower on its side and connect the Hoses for the Foot Pump and Shower Head and then return to the upright position.
4. Open the 1st Stage of the valve on the foot pump – this will allow the pump to draw air in when depressed.
5. Push down on the pump until you feel pressure building in the shower - DO NOT OVER PRESSURISE THE SHOWER BAG
6. Test the water to ensure the temperature is not too hot.
7. Use the trigger at the end of the hose to adjust the water flow.

Solar Shower Tips
Showers bag can provide all your water needs when camping. Dishes, showers and washing, etc.
Not designed for potable water.

1.When using, the bag must hang at least 1 meter away from the ground. Because of the pressure problem, if you use the product directly on the ground, the water in the product cannot flow out normally.
2.It is normal to have a smell when using the product for the first time.
use a mild cleaning agent to clean the shower bag, hose and shower head, and rinse it thoroughly with water.
3. Make sure shower bag is completely dry both inside and out before storing.
4.Avoid contact with chemicals and U.v. light as these elements will damage the bag
5.The temperature of water shall not exceed 50 C and not lower-20℃

In the case of air pressure, it is found that the water yield is very weak. Please check whether the whole pipe is folded or not
Main attributes
SIZE capacity 12 L
Material PVC
Accessories Hose+Case
WARRANTY 2 years

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