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DPT trigger fire ignition method of setting fire to the ground

  • 17.00 SAR

    Including VAT
  • DPT
  • Model DPS-0013
  • SKU 0531024651101
  • COLOR Green
  • Material plastic + iron

Item No.: DPS-0013
Item Name: Igniter
Length: 80mm
Wide: 26*17mm
Weight: 13g
Life Time: 30000 Times
Ignition method: Automatic piezoelectric ignition

1) No gas
2) No flame but spark
3) Great for lighting BBQ grills, gas stoves, heaters, and so on
4) Electric ignition with no battery

How to use
1. Place the pipe portion of igniter horizontally or askew and make it touch completely the stove burner to be ignited.
2. While turning the stove valve, push the push button to ignite as the gas starts to come out (if you fail to ignite, then push the button twice or thrice. Reduce the gas flow before ignition, as the ignition is made difficult by excessive emitting of the gas)
Main attributes
Material plastic + iron

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