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PKL, Gas stove for camps Sarid Hindi, 18.5CM

  • 175.00 SAR

    Including VAT
  • P.K.L
  • Model 773109Y
  • SKU 8906006349261
  • SIZE 18 cm big sherbush big
  • COLOR Yellow
  • Material cloth + iron
  • Uses gassed
  • Accessories Bag
  • Guarantee 1Year
CAUTION : accessible parts may become very hot keep children away from the appliance
Handle carefully, do not touch hot parts of the appliance during or after use.
Storage: Always unscrew the gas appliance from the gas cylinder when not in use.
The gas cylinder should be stored duly fitted with dummy nut in a dry safe place out of the reach of
heat source
Do not misuse the appliance, or use it for anything for which it has not been designed.
Handle the appliance with care. Do not drop it
Screw the valve assembly to Appliance in anti clock wise direction. Be care full not to fit the valve cross threaded, do not over tighten.
Ensure the control knob (2) is turned off (turned fully clockwise).
Keep the gas cylinder (4) in upright position when connecting to the gas appliance.
Place the valve squarely on the gas cylinder valve, see Fig 1.
Screw the gas appliance onto the gas cylinder. Be careful not to fit the cylinder cross threaded. Note: Screw hand tight only. Do not over tighten or you will damage the cylinder valve.
Ensure that a complete gas seal(5) has been made. If you have to check the gas soundness of the appliance, do this outdoors. Do not check for leak with a naked flame. Use warm soapy water only. Apply to the joints and connections of the appliance. Any leakage will show up as bubbles around the leakage area. If you are in doubt or you can hear or smell gas, do not attempt to light the appliance. Un screw the gas appliance and return it to your local dealer.
Make sure the burner is screwed down tightly and there is no leak. The stove is now ready for use.

Always operate the gas cylinder and appliance on a firm horizontal even surface.
Turn the knob anticlockwise (2) and light the burner (1) immediately with the piezo Ignitor
/match box as applicable.
Regulate the flame by turning the control knob (2).
After lighting, operate the appliance upright and do not move it around. Flaring may occur if the appliance moved carelessly.
After use, ensure that the valve is fully shut (control knob turned fully clockwise).
Distance to inflammable materials must be ensured. Minimum distance to ceiling is 2mts and to wall 1 mt. To avoid a fire hazard these minimum distances must be complied with.
Main attributes
SIZE 18 cm big sherbush big
COLOR Yellow
Material cloth + iron
Uses gassed
Accessories Bag
Guarantee 1Year

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