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ALSANIDI desert air conditioner

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  • Model SNTR-0087
  • SKU 0747025184101
  • COLOR White
  • Ability 44 watts
  • Uses Electricity 220 volts

Item Name: Air cooler Item NO.: SNTR-0087 Rated Voltage: AC220V
Rated Frequency: 60HZ Rated Power: 40W

1.Fashionable design of appearance ,noble and elegant
2.patent design
3.Air more fresher with water evaporating
4.honey comb paper speeds water evaporation,cool effct better
5.3 wind speed
6.deliver wind at wide angle
7.water tank capacity :0.8L




●Thank you for purchasing our air cooler.
●Each unit has been manufactured to ensure safety and reliability.
●Please read the instructions carefully before first use and keep it for further reference.

* Structure diagram

air inlet
water tank
speed switch
function switch
wet curtain
water pump

* The technical parameters
Model No.
Rated voltage and frequency
Rated power
Water tank capacity
Fan type

AC220V 60HZ
Centrifugal rotor

* The function and characteristics
The pump circulates water from the water tank on to a wet curtain, which in turn becomes very wet. A fan draws hot air from outside the unit through the moistened pad, as it passes through the curtain the air is cooled by evaporation, and then is pressured out by centrifugal fan.

Adjustable fan speed
Three adjustable wind speeds, send big air flow rate, which can bring you a comfortable life environment in hot summer.

Cold air humidifying function
The machine adopts air humidifying technology, can reduce outlet air temperature and improve air relative humidity, prevent the air from drying.

Detached water tank, removable type wet curtain paper, convenient to clean
The detached water tank, no leakage, you can take out to clean at any time, which will prevent bacteria growth. Removable type wet curtain paper, with neutral cleaner and soft brush clean.

Wide-angle air supply, wind direction adjustable
Automatically vertical swing, horizontal swing manually.

*Water refilling
1. Place air cooler on level ground.

2. Take out the detached water tank from the body, add clean water to the water tank. (See chart)
A. Please unplug the power supply before adding water.
B. Do not fill the water tank too full.
C. Ice water can increase the cooling efficiency.
D. Put ice cube into the water tank for better cooling efficiency(pour water into the iceboxes and put into refrigerator to make the water into ice in advance).

*Product operation

A. Rotating speed control switch can turn on/turn off air cooler and choose the wind speed
0 - off 1 - low speed 2 - medium speed 3 - high speed
B. Cool (Humidifying): press cool/humidify switch, start cool/humidify function, wind outlet temperature can be reduced about extra 3 ℃ after several minutes if iced water being put.
c. Swing: press the swing switch, the left/right wind louver will swing automatically, for up/down swing, please adjust manually.

Use as per the rating voltage.
Inquiry a qualified person if any problem during the operation.

Do not operate the appliance with wet hands
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
When the appliance is not in use, switch off and unplug it.
Do not insert foreign objects to air outlet and inlet.
Do not use the appliance near explosive and combustible gas. Avoid long-term direct solar radiation.
Use the appliance only on a flat surface.
Do not use outdoors.
The level of water tank should not over “MAX” scale at any time, when humidifying, the total level of water tank should not below “MIN” scale.
After adding water to the water tank, do not title or knock over it when you put or move. If you want to move, please push slowly from the side, to prevent water spilling.
Do not turn over the appliance. If it is toppled over and there are some water in the body, should unplug the power supply first. Then send it to repair department or after-sales service.
13. Please use wet cloth to clean the machine body, do not use corrosive cleaner or similar solvent cleaning. It is strictly prohibited to flushing (tube) wash the machine.
14. In order to avoid danger or damage to the machine, please do not put this machine close to the wall, window curtain...
15. Please change water in time as water in the water tank are easily go bad.
16. Product maintenance must be in the company designated maintenance station.
17. When using for the first or second times, if the machine with a little peculiar smell, it is a normal phenomenon.

*Electrical schematic diagram
power plug
speed switch
main motor
switch 1
swing motor
switch 2
water pump

(*Factory remains rights to change the design and structure without further notice.)

*Cleaning and maintenance
Tips: After long time operation, dust and dirt may jam in filter and wet curtain, which will

influence cooling efficiency and dust removal effect, frequently cleaning are suggested to clean according to the practical situation.
/ / /
Figure 1 figure 2 figure 3
1. Screw off air inlet filter net (figure 1)
Take out the air inlet grid baffle.
2. Cleaning wet curtain paper and air filter (figure 2)
Take off wet curtain paper frame, use neutral cleaner and soft brush to clean wet curtain, and wash them with clean water, put back on the body.
Note: please install wet curtain paper level off, avoid leaking.

3. Cleaning detachable water tank (FIG. 3)
Unplug the power supply plug, take off the water tank, add neutral cleaner or table vinegar to the water tank, use brush to clean and then put back on the machine body.

4. Cleaning machine out shell
Use neutral detergent and soft dishcloth cleaning.
Warning: Unplug the power supply before cleaning and maintanance .
Control panel shall be prevented from water strictly.

1. Use as per the rating voltage.。
2. Inquiry a qualified person if any problem during the operation, do not open the machine body by yourself
3. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
4. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

*Please check as below list shows carefully before submitting a request for repair work
Fault phenomenon
Possible cause
Suggest solutions

The power plug is unplug or with bad contact.
ON/OFF button is not on.
1. Plugged in and make plug in good contact.
2. Turn on the “ON/OFF” button and switch on the power.

Poor anti-dusting effect
Filter net being blocked by dust or dirties.
Air inlet was blocked by foreign objects.
Demolish and clean filter net.
Remove foreign objects from the air inlet.

Pump doesn’t work
1. Water lever too low
1. Unplug the power supply, add water into water tank, and turn on the machine.

Send the machine to qualified staff for repair work if below situation.
1. Machine fail to work after trying above suggested solutions.
2. The outside material or water enter into machine body which cause the running failure.
Main attributes
Ability 44 watts
Uses Electricity 220 volts

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