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Alsanidi Short Ceramic Aluminum Pressure Cooker 5 Liter

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  • Model SNC-0175-5L
  • SKU 0480033032101
  • SIZE 5 liter
  • COLOR Gray
  • Material aluminum + ceramic
Item No.: SNC-0175-5L
Description: Pressure cooker
Material: aluminium alloy
Weight: 2.94kg
Size: 26cm/5L
Thickness: 2.8mm
Inside: Ceramic grey non-stick coating with white and black dots.
Outside: Grey coating with white and black dots.

Maintenance and Usage:
1. Do not put it on the flame for a long time while it's empty.
2. Please clean it after it cools down in case hurt yourself.
3. Please keep the children away while it's using.
4. Please do not put strong caustic food in the cooker for a very long time.


Close the lid and lock.
Step one: revolve the knob in the opposite direction; keep it close to the lid.
Step two: put the lid between the body and the ears, make the lid and the body nestle closely, put the press ridge and the ear at the same line.
Step three: revolve the knob to make the press ridge ascend, when the two ends keep close to the ears, make sure it is not flexible, then revolve one circle again to press the lid tightly.
Install the limiting valve vertically into the valve base.
Reduce pressure and open the lid. Lift the limiting valve slowly to release vapour and reduce pressure; or revolve the knob slowly until all vapour is released and the press ridge keeps close to the lid, then remove the lid.
Main attributes
SIZE 5 liter
Material aluminum + ceramic

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